2016 CertBlaster® IT Certification Infographic

This is our second “annual” infographic and this one is based on larger sample sizes than last year’s. The data below is based on a total population sample size of  7,315 individuals distributed per certification track as follows:

> 1,998 individuals for A+
> 1951 for Network+
> 1,835 for Security+
> 68 for Linux+
> 606 for MCSA
> 867 for MCSE

The pay ranges shown immediately under each certification are based on the “Notable Employers” numbers. All pay range numbers are based on experience levels ranging from less than a year to 20+ years. This is a very wide range which is reflected in the width of the pay ranges listed.

Job Titles

The job titles below are not exhaustive but rather a short sample of actual titles held by professionals currently working in the field with the indicated certifications.

CompTIA A+ Certified job titles

Information Technology Specialist
Helpdesk Specialist
PC Support Technician

CompTIA Network+ job titles

Network Engineer
Network Administrator
System Administrator
Information Technology (IT) Specialist
Information Technology (IT) Manager

CompTIA Security+ job titles

Information Security Analyst
Network Administrator
Network Engineer
System Administrator
Information Technology (IT) Manager

CompTIA Linux+ job titles

Linux Systems Administrator
Systems Engineer, IT
Systems Administrator
Information Technology (IT) Manager

Microsoft certified i.e. MCSA or MCSE job titles

Network Administrator
Senior Systems Engineer
System Administrator
Senior Systems Administrator
Information Technology (IT) Manager
Information Technology (IT) Director

CompTIA A+ Pay Ranges June 2016
CompTIA A+ certification select employers and metro pay ranges


CompTIA Network+ certification pay scales based on select employers and metro areas.
CompTIA Network+ certification pay ranges based on select employers and metro areas.


CompTIA Security+ certification pay ranges based on select employers and metro areas.
CompTIA Security+ certification pay ranges


Pay Scale CompTIA Linux+ 2016
Pay Scale CompTIA Linux+ 2016
Pay Scale Microsoft MCSA 2016
Pay Scale Microsoft MCSA
Pay Scale for Microsoft certified MCSE professionals in june 2016.
Pay Scale for Microsoft MCSE june 2016.

Source: PayScale Human Capital – www.payscale.com

All above data originates from the PayScale Human Capital website. Established in 2002 PayScale, Inc. aka payscale.com is a corporation that provides salary, benefits and compensation information online.

4 thoughts on “What Pay for CompTIA A plus Network plus and Security plus?

  1. Is it possible you could include this type listing for Master Project Management and ProjectManagement Professional?

    1. Sure it is Laurie! As a matter of fact we are developing a CertBlaster for CompTIA Project+ so it makes all the sense in the world we should add project management in the salary surveys. We’ll make sure to include it for next round.

  2. What would the pay be if I got my Security +, A+, Networking +, and my Linux + certs? Or should I just stick with just 1 cert?

    1. This is a very good question but hard to get you a good answer to. Let us direct you to some studies and meta-studies we have posted. Here are two covering A+ Certification pay one specifically for A+ certified individuals and one addressing more the PC Support Technician career overall.

      Now, none of these directly answers your question since you are asking what pay impact the aggregation of all the certifications may mean for you.

      To your second question “should I just stick with just 1 cert?”. The answer is yes in the short run but no in the long run. Of course, you probably can only handle one at the time so you start with A+. After that you have a couple of choices. What you pick will depend on your situation and the job opportunities presented to you. If there are plenty of entry-level jobs in your area then start working as a PC support tech. While gaining experience start studying for Network+, then Security+ and/or Linux+. The value of having all the certification will be treble: 1) Getting many certifications while working makes you a very experienced technician/administartor, 2) Having many certifications gets you a job faster, and 3) Having many certifications will get you a better pay because now you can prove you have all that knowledge and experience.

      Hopefully, this helps. Best of luck on your quest for certification!

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