Download PDF CompTIA Security plus SY0-501 Certification Exam Objectives

Download CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Certification Exam Objectives (PDF)

Download the CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Exam Objectives here

Why IT Security Matters

As we have seen with the catastrophic security breaches at Yahoo (3 billion user accounts), eBay (145 million users compromised), Home Depot (credit/debit card information of 56 million customers compromised) IT security is or should be paramount to any sizable organization. It is in great part these kinds of fails that have boosted demand and employment in IT security.

Security+ is approved both certified by ISO and approved by DoD

CompTIA has submitted the Security+ exam (like all its exams) to review by the ISO for the ISO 17024 standard which has approved its processes for that exam. Additionally, the U.S. Department of Defense has approved the exam to fulfill its Directive 8570.01-M skills requirements. Finally Security+ SY0-501 is compliant, under the Federal Information Security Management Act – FISMA, with government regulations.

Security+ offers high earnings potential

Per CompTIA and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), security professionals including Security Specialists, Administrators and Managers make over $86,000 yearly.

Security+ is developed by and for the industry

Security+ (like all other CompTIA certification exams) is developed and maintained by leading IT experts working in the industry. The exam objectives and the skills tested on the exams originate from a combination of industry-wide surveys as well as contributions from CompTIA’s team of subject matter experts.

Exam specs for Security+ SY0-501

Maximum number of questions: 90

Maximum allowed time: 90 min.

Passing score: on a scale of 100-900, the minimum score is 750 (so a bit over 85%)

Suggested prerequisite: the ideal candidate has passed the CompTIA Network+ exam and has two years or more of experience in IT administration with an emphasis on cybersecurity.

Special note on Security+ SY0-501

Being a “higher” exam in CompTIA’s exam hierarchy succeeding at the Security+ SY0-501 exam will automatically renew lower level certifications. This means that if you have a current A+ and/or Network+ credential then those will renew automatically for three years from the date you pass the Security+ exam.

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